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Lisa Behague

The Victoria St print arrived in record time and was perfect. We had seen your pictures a few years ago and loved them and my husband was delighted to finally get one for his birthday. It looks even better full size than we remember! Our eldest daughter who is studying art especially loves the combination of colours on the ground.

Pete has to go to Edinburgh on business ocasionally and says you have captured the atmosphere of the street beautifully. We are extremely pleased with it!

Lynn Welsher

I am so thrilled to now be the proud owner of your two pictures of Barcelona, a city I love. My two wonderful friends could not have arranged a better surprise for me today and my "special " birthday will always be remembered when I walk through my hall where they will hang. It was great to meet you and hope to see you again at the NEC in the summer when I may have to treat myself to Honfleur ! Thank you very much.

Paul Maitland

Hi Alistair - Just bought a print of your tall San Francisco tram image from you at the RHS Wisley craft fair. Love the picture and the framing of the buildings and we look forward to hanging it on our stair wall soon! Keep up the fantastic work!

Paul thorne

The beach huts take us back to the long summer holidays, ice cream, and not a care in the world.

Thank you for the fast service,Paul and Jean


we buy works that we have a connection to and we are hoping that one day youll draw St. Basils Cathedral in Moscow, Times Square in New York or Micklegate Bar in York. Any plans to visit any of those places?

Robin Aitken

Dear Alastair,

We received the Avenue Rapp picture safely. Wonderful !

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