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Beach Huts, Mudeford Project

beach huts

Completed on 15th Aug last!!!!


Progress as 27th July 09. I anticipate this being completed by the end of August.

may progress

This is my updated progress as of MAY 2009. The image is quite long so this is made up of scans which I have stitched together which will give you a fair idea I hope. As you can see I'm still outlining but should get to the colouring stage before too long.


These beachhuts in Mudeford near Bournemouth will be the inspiration for my next piece. Over the coming months I will update this page to show progress that I'm making.


22nd Jan 09: drawing commenced 

11th May 09: Outlining 75% complete

27 July 09 Colouring 75% complete

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