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Thank you so much for getting the Barcelona print posted out to me in time for Xmas.  My brother-in-law was stunned - I bought the same print a few years ago and he has been dropping hints ever since!  He's delighted.   Best wishes for 2009.


Were getting married in April and have decided to ask for gifts towards buying some of Alistairs work. I loved them the moment I saw them and cant wait to have them in the new house. Meantime, I have a bookmark to look at!


Thank you Alistair for the lovely art work again. Another memory on the wall.


Pictures arrived safely today - many thanks - they are stunning.I am delighted


To date I have purchased 12 of youre prints. I absolutely love youre work. Not only is it very contemporary, it is also masterly. Always very excited with youre new projects. Alas can only afford room space now for youre greeting cards. (unless I do something really horrible to some of existing wall hangings!)  Watch this space for a new order.


We have a copy of your Sienna hanging in our apartment in Birmingham and simply love it.

However, we also maintain a prescence in Lucca in Tuscany - how about some of your fabulous work from there?!

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